Dulcie Wagstaff, Photographer

Inspirations deriving from novels, music, family and living environments, and her own dreams. Ms Wagstaff uses the objects surrounding her to capture images which enthral the viewer and create pieces which are uncanny in their combination of realism and oddity. 


Dulcie Wagstaff, whose work can be described as minimal but also extremely conceptual with pieces using subject matter usually associated with still life and arranging with well posed light and formation that challenges the viewer to interpret and think beyond the matter itself.

Ms  Wagstaff, who is originally from Ware, near Hertfordshire, showed her work in an installation titled ‘Familiar Gardens’ at The Graduate Show, for Brighton University which was held from 4-12th June 2016, in a small open plan building in Edward Street and in Grand Parade, Brighton.

Edward Street was home to Ms Wagstaff’s final pieces, which landed her a first class BA honours, alongside a handful of other students work all separated by small dividers and personal touches.

Ms Wagstaff’s work was instantly captivating with her artistic eye being one that has landed her shows in London as well as acclaim from her peers and other photographers alike.

She can also be seen as the subject of her own work which is equally as enchanting, with her composition and calculated lighting, evoking emotion extremely different to your average self-portait or ‘selfie’.

With new projects on the horizon, Dulcie Wagstaff is a photographer to keep your eye on.


Upcoming Events

2016 October:

Beyond The Camera, Pingyao International Photography Festival, Shanxi Province, China.

The Green House as part of Brighton Photo Fringe, Cafe Plenty, Brighton, UK

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